The Couple

November 8, 2012 Written by

Matt and Marie met on April 30th 2010 at the Funky Monkey Bar in Wilmington Delaware.  Matt had come to the bar to meet his cousin for his birthday celebration.  Marie was there celebrating her “Birthday Month”.  Neither saw each other until Matt walked up to bar to get a drink.  He was asked by Marie if he could take a picture of her and her friends.  Little did he know he would be hearing the phrase “Can you take a picture!?” for the rest of his life.  The two were inseparable after that fateful day.  Matt proposed to Marie on February 25th, 2012, and the rest was history.


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  1. November 15, 2012 - 3:19 am

    love this one.And I know what you mean Matt.Will you take our picture.ha ha .this is great

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